Kidnapped Granddaughter

“The ability to produce a current photograph and description within seconds, was the single biggest factor in the safe return of our kidnapped grand daughter”

Kathy H.
Lake Tahoe, CA.

Stolen Backpack

“1 don’t know if it was by jinx or luck but shortly after joining HeavenForbid.org. my backpack, containing my wallet, was stolen. What a relief it was to have all my credit card info, including telephone numbers in one place.”

John F
Hayward, CA.

Natural Disasters

“After losing everything during Hurricane Katrina, I choose to be a survivor instead of a victim as the new hurricane season begins. Joining HeavenForbid.org gave me peace of mind that all my personal and business information, home inventory, legal papers are in a safe and secure environment”

Anna R.
Galveston, TX

Stolen Computer

“Ignorance is bliss, or so I thought until my lap top was stolen from my vehicle. I thank God I stored my family photos on your site. Everything else can be replaced, but my 7 year old son will never be two again”

William R.
Reno, NV.

Personal and Family Matters

“I was always worried about keeping vital information handy, updated, and easily accessible. With HeavenForbid.org, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I know that my information is secure and accessible, from anywhere I go, through the Internet”

Dennis D.
Amherst, MA.

Safety Planning

“Our family is so busy, I can barely keep up. HeavenForbid.org gives me the peace of mind that if an emergency strikes, I am prepared”

Mary T.
Concord, CA.

Peace Officer (Ret)

“I have known David Fraser since we were 7 years old. Our paths have crossed numerous times, most notably as deputy sheriffs. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is fully represented on this website. The value of HeavenForbid.org is limitless”

John D., Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (Ret)
Livermore, CA.

The Gift of Giving

“My mother surprised me with a family membership to HeavenForbid.org. What a lovely way to say “I love you”

Debra L
Dallas, TX

Funding for Safe Havens

“. . . Keeping loved ones safe and helping those less fortunate . . . Kind of says it all”

Charles M.
New York, NY.

Law of Attraction

“I believe in the “Law of Attraction,” I also believe in the “Law of Averages.” Some people go through their whole life seemingly unscathed, while others are forced to deal with the unthinkable. However my life unfolds, I will be prepared by using your website”

George J.
Beaufort, SC