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Pepper Spray

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As the Wall Street Occupation has spread across the States, police involvement has increased.  Public Parks located near targeted establishments have turned into tent cities as the 99%ers’ have turned their frustrations towards the 1%ers’.  Sympathies, support, and admiration for the protesters has waned as local businesses have been affected in a negative way, a direct result of the “Squatters.” This afternoon, Friday, December 2, 2011, protesters have began marching in the streets of San Francisco around 3PM, creating havoc with the normally horrendous afternoon commute.  Recently, the Occupation protesters have been joined with students protesting the ever increasing tuition to attend college.  The University of California, Davis campus, located near our Sacramento capital, was the scene of students passively protesting increased costs. Protesters sat on the ground, locked arm-in-arm, as police stood nearby at-the-ready. For whatever reason, a police lieutenant, armed with a large cannister of pepper spray, walked up and

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