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Dear Abby*

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Her Heroes Come From Everywhere   Dear Abby: A while back you asked your readers to name their heroes.  May I contribute? My heroes are nameless, often faceless and in most cases unsung.  They will never have their 15 minutes of fame.  Their deeds will not be recorded in history books, but their kindness inspires and their deeds will forever affect the lives of others, though they may not realize it. My heroes are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, foster parents, teachers, playground monitors, and crossing guards who teach others to have values, common sense, and to be ethical in their treatment of others.  My heroes are young girls who spend a year grooming and conditioning their hair, then cut it off so it may be given to a child who has none; those who pick-up trash along the highways and byways to keep America clean; police officers who stop

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