Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines, which prides itself on low fares, being “On-time” for departures and arrivals, and peanuts, lots of bags of peanuts for their customers.  In fact, they are so popular, they have their own terminal at the Oakland, California International Airport.  Recently, they were in the “News” for a much different reason.

A young couple decided to take a three day “Mini” vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, departing and returning to Oakland.  They booked their fight directly through Southwest, using their Debit Card for payment.  Their round-trip fare was roughly $450.00.

The couple had a great time, but their experience with Southwest would have a disastrous ending, or beginning, depending on your point of view.  Southwest called it a “Glitch” in their system, the couple termed in a “Nightmare.”  By authorizing Southwest access to their bank account through the use of their debt card, the unassuming couple had no idea what would transpire.

Apparently, the “Glitch” allowed Southwest to charge the couple repeatedly, until their bank account was emptied and overdrawn.  Their authorization, for the initial amount, was continuously reentered until their entire savings, $11,000.00 was charged and received by Southwest Air.

It took Southwest Airlines a couple of days to issue a refund and an apology, but that did not cover the checks that “Bounced” and/or the late fees incurred.  Nor did the refund cover the fact the couple had no money for a few days.  Until this article ran, I used my debit card quite frequently, now I strictly used a credit card.

Just something to think about . . .

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