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My mother died when she was 87 years-old.  For the last nine years of her life, I brought her from Northern California to a private nursing facility, close to my home in the Bay Area.

Although I had Power of Attorney for her affairs and health care, we never spoke of her wishes once she passed. I knew she had purchased a grave site, but I did not know where the paperwork was, or for that matter, the name of the cemetery.  All I knew was the cemetery was in Colma, California.

The city of Colma is known nationally for having more people in the ground, than on it.  It took me forever to find that damn piece of paper.  It would have been so much easier to simply go to a secure website, such as, and find the pre-stored information.  Imagine, whatever is near and dear to you, what might be extremely valuable or not that significant, can easily be stored and available anywhere in the world, via the internet.  Pretty cool . . . could be a lifesaver, if not, it is definitely a time saver.


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  • Natural DisastersTornadoes, Floods,Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes
  • Missing People
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Personal and Family Matters
  • Stolen or Lost Credit Cards
  • Lost Pets and Veterinarian Records
  • Home Inventory/Possessions
  • Archive Important Documents/Papers


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