Legitimate Rape as defined by Congressman Todd Akin

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To my knowledge, we are the only animals on this planet, that have this insatiable craving concerning our personal sexual needs.  Other species that cohabit with us mate solely for reproduction, but the human animal is much more complex.  We as a populist are defined as straight, gay, bi-sexual, A-sexual.

We are further categorized by much harsher terminology, that serves as a warning, of the sexual predators who live among us.  Sexual deviates; rapists, child molesters, incest participants, people who get their “Rocks” off by threatening, forcing, physically punishing their victims into submission.  Can you imagine the fear, the humiliation a child or adult, male or female, must endure as these savage acts begin, then mercifully end.

The following excerpt is from a blog I wrote a few months ago titled “The Color Code of Mental Awareness.”  You are under attack.  You have become excited, confused, and are in a totally overwhelming state of panic.  You simply cannot believe this is happening to you.  You are unable to formulate a plan or see it through to fruition because of the panic.  If you are unable to control your mind and effect a tactically sound response, you will be eaten by your predator.

Perhaps the significant factor that enables sexual predators is our denial of ourselves becoming a victim.  The preceding paragraph alludes to the state of panic.  Once we are in that mode, if we have no training to revert to because of denial, we have met our fate.

With our sexuality defined, we may lust or fantasize about who would be our partner.  Maybe we are already involved with the love of our life, our soul-mate, but what would happen to that love or fantasy if we were force into a relationship we were not ready for or did not want to be involved with?  Rape is not about sexual needs or desires, it is a vicious attack to take control of another being.

Six-term Congressman Todd Akin, a Tea Party favorite, who is running for the vacant senate seat in his home state, made his views on rape and abortion known this past week.  As a retired deputy sheriff, I had no idea rape could be legitimized, perhaps termed “Consensual rape.”  Furthermore, I had no inkling that rape victims had the internal ability to choose whether or not they would become impregnated by the rapist.

These comments, from a person we have entrusted as a lawmaker, is flabbergasting to say the least.  How monumentally ignorant can one guy be?  On top of everything, he has two daughters.  Is that a perfect case scenario?

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