Emergency Preparedness

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Once again, Mother Nature has unleashed her wrath of destruction on the seemingly peaceful and unassuming.  As whirlwind tornadoes touch down indiscriminately throughout our nation, the devastation is nothing short of deadening all in their paths.  With no rhyme or reason, office buildings that were once vibrant, homes that overflowed with love for family and friends, and the saddest, the loss or displacement of lives caught in the deadly swarm of “Twisters” may never recover.

Across our country, peaceful rivers and streams crest, thus flooding those in nearby communities and cites.  Hurricanes viciously attack our Southern States, earthquakes shake, rattle, and roll throughout our Western States, and forests simply turn into infernos, almost at will.  It is a known fact, we as a nation, will feel the impact directly or indirectly of the disabling destruction attributed to Acts of Nature.

Yet armed with this knowledge, we as a people, refuse to prepare for emergencies or a crisis that we know is forthcoming.  The words “Emergency Preparedness” ranks right up there with the words “Missing Children.”  If we do not think about it, if we do not talk about it, let alone plan for it, it will never happen to us.

Whomever coined the phrase, ignorance is bliss was sadly mistaken.  As an ostrich buries it’s head in the sand to escape danger, this action equates to pulling the covers over one’s head to hide from the “Boogeyman,” neither actions will protect you, your family, or your loved ones.  Emergency Preparedness, Missing Children, Fire Escape Routes, among many other survival plans need to be discussed, formulated, and acted upon to be effective.

While discussing the pros and cons where to securely store personal information, some of it very sensitive, a long-time friend and retired deputy sheriff suggested a new website named appropriately HeavenForbid.org.  The website was written by a former peace officer and solicits information, much in the manner as an officer would.  HeavenForbid.org provides instant access to vital information during emergencies such as:

  • Missing Children “Look For My Child”
  • Natural Disasters: Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Tornadoes
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Personal and Family Matters
  • Stolen or Lost Credit Cards
  • Lost Pets and Veterinarian records
  • Home Inventory/Possessions
  • Archive Important Documents/Papers
  • Featuring: Unlimited Secured Storage of Business, Legal Documents, Photographs, Videos, Podcasts, Address Book, and E-Mail Blasts


A dull-witted person with an Emergency Preparedness plan is far better off than a genius without one

Whether through natural causes, criminal behavior or just bad luck, being in the wrong place and the wrong time, Emergency Preparedness demands our attention.  With cutbacks at the Federal, State, County, and City levels, we no longer can expect our police, fire, and medical to protect us.  It is our responsibility to participate in our own fate, and that includes planning for the unthinkable.

The realization there is no Lone Ranger, Dirty Harry, The Terminator, or any Super Hero coming to our rescue.  Emergency Preparedness is our own responsibility to organize and implement.  Simply put into words, No Plan – No Gain.

Without an Emergency Preparedness plan, hosted on a virtual, secured server such as HeavenForbid.org, we are at the mercy of an unprovoked, uncontrollable, and uncaring attacks from Mother Nature or by Mankind, which destroys or severely alters everything in it’s path.  An Emergency Preparedness plan at least offers hope, perhaps just a ray of hope, but hope just the same.  We do have a choice, Victim or Survivor.

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