Earthquakes . . . Mother Nature Shakes, Rattles, and Rolls

Prepare for life’s emergencies by subscribing to, a virtual safe deposit box. Earthquakes differ from other natural disasters because they cannot be seen prior to striking. At best, they can be predicted as “Happening” sometime in the future. The skies can be tranquil, sunny or cloudy, raining or snowing. Temperatures may be in triple digits or freezing, it simply does not matter. One thing in common with other natural disasters is the devastation they leave behind.

Earthquakes conquer skyscrapers, bridges, and damns. Their ruination can be seen as the earth simply “Shakes, rattles, and rolls.” As the twin towers in New York collapsed on 911, visualize entire cities being “Laid to rest,” as the earth violently churns, convulses, and vibrates death and destruction towards those who have chosen to be part of that area. Members of HeavenForbid.orgcannot escape the effects of an earthquake, but can be afforded “Peace of mind,” knowing they have what is most important in their lives backed-up in a fully encrypted, secure virtual safe deposit box.


Think about it, what do you have to lose? provides instant access to vital information during emergencies such as:

  • Natural DisastersTornadoes, Floods,Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes

  • Missing People

  • Medical Emergencies

  • Personal and Family Matters

  • Stolen or Lost Credit Cards

  • Lost Pets and Veterinarian Records

  • Home Inventory/Possessions

  • Archive Important Documents/Papers


Featuring: Unlimited Secure Storage of Business,LegalDocuments Videos,Photographs, Podcasts, Address Book, and E-Mail Blasts