Domestic Violence Is Against The Law

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The following article was written for Alameda County in California.  If you find yourself in a violent situation, please use the guide to direct you towards people who are there to help.  No one deserves to be bullied, whether physically or verbally.


Please allow trained professionals to help you.  Children, women, and men have the right to be safe.  It is against the law to contacted, annoyed, or harassed by anyone.


You do have the right to be Safe!



Police –  Fire –  Ambulance



Is someone you love hitting you, hurting you, threatening you, putting you down?  You are not alone, help is available to you, your children, your family.  Do not fall into the trap that you are “Bothering” someone, all of us are vulnerable to violence.


Many of us have faced similar situations in our lifetime.  With the help and understanding, from many different agencies, you can break the chain, free yourself and your family to live the type of life you have dreamed of.  Be brave enough to make that first telephone call to or contact one of the services listed below.  It is your choice, Victim or Survivor.


Safety Plan


Are you planning to leave an abusive situation?  If so, do you have a safety plan to follow?  Preparing for leaving will help you and your family stay safe when you are ready to leave.



  • Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.


  • Talk to someone you trust.  Ask for help in the case you need to leave.


  • Call one of the numbers listed below, or a similar hotline for your area.  You can get help in planning ways to stay safe.


  • Pack a bag or suitcase that will not be missed.  Hide the packed bag or keep it with someone you trust.  Put the following items in your bag:




  1. 1.            Cash, including coins for telephone calls, credit card(s), and checks.


  1. 2.            Clothes and personal items for you and your children.


  1. 3.            Medications, House and Car Keys, Important Telephone Numbers.


  1. 4.            Copies of important papers: Driver’s License/Picture ID, Birth Certificates, Passports, health insurance papers, foodstamps, house and car titles, rent receipts, marriage license, immunization records, etc.


  1. 5.            Special toy or book for your child or children.




  • Plan exactly where you will go and how to get there.  Locate the nearest safe phones.  Remember, you might have to leave in the middle of the night!


  • Teach your children how to call 911 in an emergency.


Domestic Violence Is Against The Law


Most telephone numbers listed below are for 24-hour hotlines that can help you get to safety.  You DO NOT have to be in immediate danger to call.  These hotlines refer you to counseling, support groups, legal aid, and many other services.


If you feel uncomfortable or awkward discussing your situation with a stranger, speak to your religious leader, such as a priest, minister, or rabbi.  Perhaps you would feel more comfortable speaking with your doctor, nurse, school teacher.  Whomever you choose, the important part is you took action.


By simply taking action, you have taken a major step to breaking the chains that surround you and your family.  The psychological impact will have a profound, positive effect.  You will feel the freedom that is your right, your family’s right.


Community Resources – Alameda County                                                              Hotlines

S.A.V.E. – Fremont                                                                                               1.510.794.6055

A Safe Place – Oakland                                                                                      1.510.536.7233

Tri-Valley Haven – Livermore                                             1.800.884.8119

Emergency Shelter Program, Inc. – Hayward                                                  1.888.339.7233

Mujeres Unidas – Oakland                                                                                  1.510.261.3398

La Familia – Hayward                                                                                          1.510.881.5921

AASRA (South Asian Women) – Fremont                                               1.800.313.2772

NARIKA (South Asian Women) – Berkeley                                                     1.800.215.7308

SEMAH, Inc. (Islamic) – Newark                                                                        1.866.997.3624

Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) – Oakland                                  1.510.845.7273

Deal Hope – Oakland                                                                                           1.866.332.3467






Community Resources – Nearby Counties

STAND! Against Domestic Violence – Contra Costa County                       1.888.215.5555

Next Door – San Jose                                                                                          1.408.279.2962

W.O.M.A.N., Inc. – San Francisco                                                                      1.415.864.4555

CUAV (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender)                                            1.415.777.5500


National Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline                           1.800.799.7233 TTY 1.800.787.3224

National Sexual Assault Hotline                                                                       1.800.656.4673

ChildHelp USA (National Child Abuse Hotline)                                            1.800.422.4453


Legal Services – Alameda County

Family Justice Center – Oakland                                                                       1.510.267.8800

Bay Area Legal Aid                                                                                              1.800.551.5554

Asian Pacific Islander (Legal Outreach)                                                          1.510.251.2846

CA Victim Compensation Program (Victims of Violent Crime)                    1.800.777.9229


The resources and telephone numbers listed have not been verified by HeavenForbid! or  If you find yourself in immediate danger, call 911.  If you find yourself in a situation that has the potential for violence or just makes you feel uncomfortable use these listings to seek help in your area.


Immediate Danger – Call 911


It is your God-given right to live your life free of any form(s) of abuse.  Whether you were born in this country or simply reside here, you are protected by our laws, all of them.  If you are an illegal immigrant, you have these rights also.  Being forced to do something against your will, being bullied, being attacked thru social media, anything, even if you are unable to respond, is against the law.


There are people ready to help or assist you and your family, just take the first step, simply reach out.  You are not alone, as a retired deputy sheriff, I know firsthand the resources available will help you through these difficult times.  You are a Gift from God, God Bless You.

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