About Us

HeavenForbid.org provides instant access to vital information during emergencies

A Message from David Fraser, Founder and CEO
Throughout the home page, many tabs offer insight as to “Our Founder, Our Mission, Testimonials, etc.” In this section “About Us,” I would like to define our company’s Core Values. Hopefully, I can further articulate our true mission, reemphasize the critical success factors, while defining our company’s purpose through a question and answer format:

1. What makes HeavenForbid.org different from our competitors?

There are a number of differences, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the “Level of Security” protecting each and every member.

2. Why do customers buy from us rather than from our competitors?

Our competitor’s offerings pale by comparison. Many, if not all, limit what articles and the amount of information that can be stored. We are truly the only option which affords each and every member unlimited access and storage of their personal and business affairs.

3. What are your best talents and strengths?

The unparalleled ability to respond to member’s requests within a moment’s notice. If I was granted just one word to articulate, to depict the best talents and strengths of HeavenForbid.org, that word would be “Paragon.” Paragon, is simply defined as “A person or thing so excellent as to have no equal or match.

4. What are we most proud of?

Again, the level of protection surrounding each and every member. If you have not yet noticed the “Green Address Bar,” this denotes the highest form, the highest level of security an internet business can attain. The scrutiny, the carefully detailed formal “Background” investigation included personal validation, which was notarized, online and offline banking concerns, which very verified, legal certification presented by an attorney and lastly, a written endorsement from the Secretary of State for the State of California. (For an in-depth view of security, please click on “Website Security”)

5. What does our company do that others would want to benchmark?

Our commitment to support those less fortunate, who have had their lives drastically changed through acts of violence. Although no one has the ability to change yesterday, perhaps, through our membership, we can make a difference in someone’s tomorrow.

6. How do we make life better for our customers?

The ability to securely store and retrieve personal and/or business information, within seconds, anywhere in the world, via the internet, is unprecedented and offers the phenomenal ability to react towards any situation, as it arises.

7. How do we create competitive advantages for our customers?

We do this through are on-going evaluation of our customer’s needs and desires. My personal telephone number is listed on the website, as is my e-mail address. All communiques are acknowledged, read, and acted upon.

8. What do we want our reputation to be?

. . .”Integrity”. . ., We want to be known as the website that saved a kidnaped child, helped during a medical emergency, saved irreplaceable photographs, served during personal or family matters, provide needed documentation after a natural disaster occurred, offered unlimited secured storage to all, but most importantly, we want the opportunity, we want the responsibility to help turn victims into survivors. We want to be known as the website that truly does “Protect and Serve.